The great thing about Airtable is it is so easy to get going and build something that works. But…getting your base running like a finely tuned engine takes some more investment of time and, if you’re not working with Airtable regularly, getting your head round some of the tips and tricks can be hard.

To help new Airtable developers get up to speed quickly, we’re launching Airguides. Each Airguide takes you through developing an Airtable base for a specific use case from design to basic functionality to added features and automations.

Our first guide takes you through building a sales pipepine/CRM base to track sales or business opportunities from lead to close. More guides are planned for launch soon, so sign up to be notified on release dates and future guides.

Update 31st, March 2021:

The first guide - Build a sales pipeline app with Airtable - is now available to buy on Amazon US and Amazon UK