Airscript Learn to use Airtable scripts


If you’re new to coding getting started can be really hard.

  • What does it all mean?
  • How do I learn this?
  • What are the best resources for a beginner?

This site is focused on a very small subset of the coding world - writing scripts for Airtable - and is designed to be an introductory resource for Airtable non-coders to get into Airtable scripting.

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Airscript is written by Jonathan Bowen. The blog was started in response to a number of posts on the Airtable community forum from “non-coders” asking how they could start to use the Airtable Scripting Block. The Scripting Block uses JavaScript as its coding language and there are tons of resources out there to learn about JavaScript. But…if you’re not already a coder it isn’t a straightforward journey to get up to speed, so this series of articles is primarily aimed at new coders within the Airtable community to help them on their way.

We’ll obviously touch on a lot of Javascript stuff as we go, but this isn’t a “teach yourself Javascript” series. It’s focus is on practical scripting exercises within an Airtable context.


Feel free to get in touch using the (Airtable 😀) form below.

FYI…this is an independently owned and managed site and not associated with Airtable.

The scripts we provide are for educational purposes only and if you use them in your Airtable bases, you do so at your own risk. Always try out scripts, from whatever source, on a copy of your base before implementing it on the real thing so that you can check that the script does what you expect it to.