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Unique values

Let’s imagine that we have a set of records and we want to get the unique values for a particular field. In this demo, we have a number of “people” records and each person works for a company. We’ll use an Airtable script to get the unique set of companies across all people.

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3 ways to loop

Looping (or iterating) over the set of records returned from a table query will probably feature in most of your Airtable scripts. It is worth getting comfortable with how to do this. As ever in programming, there are a number of ways to approach looping and we’ll outline 3 JavaScript methods here.

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Deleting records

Most of the time, we are adding data to our Airtable bases, but, occassionally, we might need to delete data. This post will show a method for deleting data based on some attribute of each record.

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User input with buttons

In this post we’re going to write a script that gets some input from the user that changes what the script does - in this case, either proceed with an operation or cancel the operation.

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Aggregating numbers

Airtable is great at applying formulas to record values and has ways of grouping and aggregating data, but it doesn’t have a built-in way of comparing each record to a group total. Here’s our problem for this post:

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Adding two numbers

In this script we’re going to take two numbers, from two different fields in our table, add the together and write the result to the 3rd field.

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Displaying data from your base

Many Airtable scripts will:

  • read some data in one of the base tables
  • do something with the data (manipulate it, aggregate it etc)
  • write it back to the table (or another table)
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Getting started

To use Airtable Scripts on your base, you need to enable the scripting block. Airtable comes with a number of blocks that enable a specific set of functionality on your base - graphs and charts, CSV imports, page designer for printing data and so on. Learn more about Airtable Blocks here.

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Need help with Airtable?

We develop Airtable scripts, bases and integrations for our clients - from single-person startups to large corporations, from non-profits to commercial enterprises. If you need help getting your Airtable initiative in place, get in touch here for a informal chat about how we can help you.

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